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PROJECT NAME: Waste Data-Bank in Africa

WasteWatch Africa has discovered and from research that there is lack of adequate waste data in Africa. This was also reiterated in the 2012 publication of “What A Waste: A Global Review of Solid Waste Management” by the World Bank. We believe this is impeding the rapid and necessary attention and growth the waste management industry deserve on our continent. Hence, it is our aim to bridge this gap by providing reliable data warehouse which can be extrapolated for the development and growth of the waste sector in Africa.

We opine that research is a precursor to implementation of solutions while data and information is the backbone of a sound research. Therefore, without a strong database of what kind of waste is generated, where is the waste coming from, what is the amount being recycled, what quantity ends up in the landfill, etcetera; the needed innovative solutions and investment will be a mirage or at best be a guess-game.

Hence, in order to close this lacuna of inadequate waste data and to advance waste management development in #Africa, WasteWatch Africa is presently working on creating a waste data-bank for Africa.

To achieve this great feat, we require the support of different stakeholders as follows;

  • Recyclable waste collectors across Africa,
  • Recyclers in Africa,
  • General waste collectors in Africa, and
  • Development work funders for African projects.

If you fall in any of the above categories and would like to support this laudable initiative which is set to grow the waste sector and achieve waste-free streets in Africa by 2025, kindly fill the form below or send us an email at wwa@wastewatchafrica.com


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