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Residents of Ilaje, Bariga Lament Delays in Carting Away Their Waste During Climate Wednesday World Health Day Programme

In a bid to mark the World Health Day, Climate Wednesday an organisation registered in Nigeria as “International Climate Change Development Initiative” organised a programme tagged “Community Health Talk” in a local community at Bariga LCDA of Lagos Nigeria.

Climate Wednesday Team at the Community Health Talk

During the programme, residents of the community complained about the delay in services rendered by the waste collectors. They said that their waste usually piles up and get scattered on the streets when not carted away early by the waste haulers which in turn makes the environment dirty.

Cross-Section of Community Members at the Health Talk Event

The team from Climate Wednesday educated the community members which attended the programme on the importance of personal and environmental hygiene, enlightened them on how to reduce the waste they generate as well as means of proper waste disposal.



Edo State Government to Beam Light on Waste Managers in the State

The Commissioner for Environment and Sustainability, Hon. Reginald Okun, has disclosed in a chat with journalists that the State Government is set to launch a new waste management scheme in April this year. Okun said the new waste management scheme will ensure effective monitoring of activities of waste managers and ensure that the people are better served by the service providers, noting, “Waste managers in the state will be required to register with the state’s waste management board.”

WasteWatch Africa believes this is a welcome development in the State which has a population of about 3.218 million according to the 2006 population census and is generating approximately 1,609 tons of waste daily. This new approach to waste management will not only assist to ensure provision of adequate waste management service but will also advance professionalism in waste management as Mr Okun said, “no one can go about claiming to be a waste manager in the state, except he or she gets certified by the state’s waste management board.”

He added that those who fail to register with the board will be considered as criminals and will be prosecuted, adding, “Those who also patronise these illegal waste managers will also be prosecuted. Individuals and companies are also required to have waste managers in place for evacuation of wastes.” To achieve the later, WasteWatch Africa urges Edo State Government to publish names of registered waste managers for a State-wide distribution to ensure individuals and companies are not wrongly prosecuted.

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Workers of Cameroon’s Waste Management Company, HYSACAM Embark on Strike Over Unpaid Salary

by Wong Enviro

The workers of the company in charge of collecting and treating municipal solid waste HYSACAM went on strike on Monday the 12th of March 2018 in Douala demanding for unpaid salary arrears and better working conditions.

Report reaching WasteWatch Africa confirmed that these workers have on Monday morning blocked the entrance to the company thereby paralysing traffic and preventing any truck from leaving the premises of the company.

Also, we have learned that this is not the first time this is happening in Douala as a similar strike was observed in September 2016 and in defense, the company is throwing blames at the government for unpaid bills.

Our reporter hopes measures will be taken to redress the problems of these workers once and for all to ensure smooth waste management operation in Douala.

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From Football Legend to Waste Management Legend: Cameroon’s Roger Milla Invest in Plastic Waste to Ecological Pavings

by Wong Enviro

The renowned Cameroonian football legend, Roger Milla through his association named “Coeur d’Afrique” has since 2015 been actively involved in the recycling of plastic waste that pollutes the environment of Yaounde, Cameroon into ecological pavings.

The pavings have been alleged to be more resistant than the cement-made pavings. For the past two years, the association has not only been able to recycle more than 51 tons of plastic but has also been able to produce about 1,300 cubic meters of pavings. In addition, this initiative has generated about 20 direct employment and more than 300 indirect jobs.

Coeur d’Afrique will be extending its services to Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon as plans are underway to open a second recycling unit in Douala.

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Fire Erupts in Olusosun Dumpsite, Destroys LAGBUS

It was a dark afternoon yesterday for residents, passersby, and commuters as one of the biggest dumpsites in Nigeria, Olusosun, located in Lagos caught fire. The cause of the fire which was still burning till late night yesterday was not immediately known but reports from various sources confirmed the intervention of the Lagos State Fire Service, Lagos State Emergency Management Agency and Parks and Gardens to put out the fire which stopped vehicular movement in and around the area. Reports also have it that some LAGBUS were destroyed because the park for these buses shares a fence with the dumpsite.

The Olusosun dumpsite has been in existence for about 40 years and the Lagos State Government have mentioned time and again to close the dumpsite for an engineered landfill which is being constructed in Epe, a city in Lagos.

WasteWatch Africa notes that the dumpsite is a disaster waiting to happen and while no life has been reported to be lost, we urge the Lagos State Government to expedite the closure of this dumpsite to avert eventualities that may claim lives just as Mozambique witnessed earlier in the year when a dumpsite suddenly collapsed and killed more than a dozen people.

Also, the effect of this inferno on human and the environment should be properly researched, documented, and steps should be taken to remediate same. Residents around the dumpsite should be encouraged to go for proper medical examination so as to curtail health complications which might arise as a result of not only the fire but the exposure to unpleasant odour they have been constantly subjected to due to the location of the dumpsite.

WasteWatch Africa is aware of the efforts of the State Government through the Cleaner Lagos Initiative to rid the State off of incessant waste disposal and provision of proper waste management service and we would like to urge the government to double this effort so as to ensure a safe environment for living and conducting business.



Visionscape is Working to Integrate Scavengers into Its Landfill Operation in Lagos State

Visionscape Sanitation Solution is planning to employ scavengers and integrate them into its landfill operation. This was made known by the Chief Operating Officer of the company, Mr. Thomas Forgacs during a recent visit by top Lagos State officials of the Ministry of Environment to Epe landfill. The company stated that it will employ 200 scavengers at its Landfill site in Epe to help in the sorting of waste as part of a move to boost the Cleaner Lagos Initiative (CLI).

Forgacs said previously, there used to be 500 scavengers on site but that it had reduced to 200, adding that very soon, the body would soon employ scavengers between the ages of 1 and 50.

According to him, the landfill would be fully completed between 12 and 18 months.

He said Visionscape had a plan to train scavengers who were below the ages of 18 years for future purposes of reintegration.

Also speaking, Lagos State Commissioner for the Environment, Mr. Babatunde Durosinmi-Etti said that the Sanitary Landfill currently being built in Epe was in steady progress.

He said that the landfill, being a critical aspect of the waste management value chain, was accorded the deserved priority by the Lagos State Government as it had concession the 880,000 square meter landfill to Visionscape Sanitation Solutions to deliver the construction of weighing areas and roadways, “leachate” collection ponds and sediment pond as well as material recovery facilities, among others.

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ZL Global Alliance Sets to Generate 5,000 Jobs Within 2 years in Ondo State

The newly commissioned company set to embark on the effective waste management service in Ondo State, ZL Global Alliance (ZLGA) has promised to generate 5,000 jobs within 2 years of its operation in the State. The CEO of the company, Mrs. Abiola Bashorun made this known during an interview session with Nigerian Tribune Newspaper (NTN) correspondent, Sulaimon Olanrewaju. She emphasised that the jobs that will be created will include graduates starting from Masters’ Degree holders down to JSS 3 certificate holders in Ondo State and the contract with the State is to provide 20,000 jobs over the course of its execution.

Below is an excerpt from the interview;

NTN: The Ondo State government has just given your company full concession of the state waste management system, what are your plans?

ZLGA: Global Alliance Nigeria Ltd is a private company which primarily deals with waste management and recycling business. We have presence in five locations in Nigeria; Ondo, Kaduna, Abia, Edo and Rivers states. We have a major regional office in Abuja.

In Ondo State, we will play a private sector role and our job mainly is to ensure effective waste management system in the state.  We are to ensure equipment management and the introduction of effective equipment into the system. We are to put in place a world-class waste management system in the state. Part of our job is to inject and invest capital in the state waste management system, and also we are to train and employ people for effective waste management in the state.

NTN: What will the state benefit from the new arrangement?

ZLGA: The state will benefit a lot. Let us start from the most important; there will be effective waste management from our home. The people of Ondo State will enjoy clean, saver and hygienic environment which will lead to healthy living. The outbreak of Lassa fever, Ebola, Cholera, and even malaria is as a result of junks accumulated from dirty environments. Waste management is divided into de-silting of gutters and drainages, registration and better control. We must visit our markets and rid all our markets of all forms of dirt, that is just our primary job. Our secondary job is to create wealth out of our waste and we have a slogan in our company- No waste is to be wasted; waste is raw material. So, under our waste-to-wealth programme, we package waste as raw material that can be turned into new products. We have one centre in Akure for that and we are building new ones in Owo and Ondo town. What we will be doing there is to separate plastic from the waste, soft and hard. The hard plastic will be crunched, palletized and moulded into new products. The bucket plastic, which is plastic from sachet water and nylon, we will crunch and palletize and then make into smaller nylon. We usually do that for poverty alleviation where we work with widows and women in the villages. Also, domestic waste which is unfinished cooked food items such as eba, rice, garri, and others, we will be introducing our biogas from dustbin that will change those items to electric fertilizer, and that fertilizer will be sold while the gas from that composition will be used create biofertilizer. We have had the demonstration in our office abroad.

NTN: What is your projected capital injection into the system?

ZLGA: We are injecting seven billion naira. Our financial partners are Access Bank and some other banks in Nigeria. Internationally, we are partnering with Ashtrom Telaviv Isiat, an Israeli company, and we have served as a subsidiary in Nigeria for the past 26 years. They have provision for all our constructions with allied local contents. So, 60 percent of our construction will be given to Ashtrom Telaviv while 40 percent will be given to our local architects in Ondo State.

NTN: How many jobs do you intend to create?

ZLGA: Yes, youths constitute 60 percent of the Nigerian population. Our activities are youth-based and any company that does not look after youths is not looking after the future. We don’t employ people older than 37 years old and mostly we will employ graduates up to Masters degree level. We will start with 3,500 employment and in the next two years we are looking at nothing less than 5,000 jobs, and these will get down to secondary school leavers and even JSS 3 certificate holders in the state. The overall employment in this contract is 20,000 youths.

NTN: How many years contract do you have with the state government?

ZLGA: Twenty years. The governor, Mr. Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, has directed us to inject capital into the system for effective waste management and salary during the period. We must also provide technical know-how. An average person in Ondo State must understand the basic principle of waste management, gathering waste and the consequences of this. Also, through our financial partners and subsidiaries, we will collect waste revenue for the government. So, no more cash because cash can get missing, electronically we will do that for the government. The money will go to the government and government will pay us. So, our partnership with government is to create an enabling environment to thrive. The government will be giving us very good support in the area of enforcement, sanction and monitoring to create an effective business environment for us to thrive. The Waste Management Authority will be supervising and monitoring us to make sure we perform and also ensure people pay their dues because they have the legal right to sanction.

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The City of Yaoundé, Republic of Cameroon Calls for International Invitation to Tender for Waste Management Service

The City of Yaoundé has called for an international invitation to tender for waste management services in a bid to upgrade the city’s waste management solution.

According to a recent report by Tchaptchet published in Tunza Eco Generation, solid waste generated in Yaoundé varies in quantities, types, humidity, and density based on days of the week and seasons as well as between various sources such as residential zones, industrial areas, institutions and commercial places. These waste are currently being stored and collected majorly using old baskets (76.7%), plastic bags (11.6%), tins and cans (8.2%), and to a lesser extent, cartons and baskets. noted that Yaoundé boast of a population of 2.5 million making it the second-largest city in the country after Douala.

The City of Yaoundé generates an estimated 1,925tonnes of waste per day based on its current population and by 2025, the city will be generating about 2,500tonnes of waste per day according to World Bank projection of 1kg/capita/day waste generation for Cameroon.

The tender is in 3 lots namely;

Lot 1: Pre-collection, cleaning, collection, and transport of waste to Nkol-foulou landfill

Lot 2: Pre-collection, cleaning, collection, and transport of waste to the transit site

Lot 3: Management of the transfer center of Mvan, transport of the waste by a trailer to Nkol-foulou and operation of the landfill.

The submission of tender is expected to close by 1 pm local time on 23 April 2018.

Click here to view the invitation to tender document.

If you need a local contact to assist you in your submission and further inquiries, kindly contact the below organisation;

Lemage Consulting Sarl

Yaounde, Center, Cameroon
Shell building, 2nd floor doors 17 and 18
PB: 1837 Yaounde – Cameroon
Tél: +237 243 268 848



Ondo State Establishes A 7 billion Naira Waste Management Project

ZLGA Waste Management Company in collaboration with the Ondo State Government has established a waste management project in Akure, the state capital. The project which is expected to gulp N7.12bn according to the Chief Executive Officer ZLGA, Mrs. Abiola Bashorun is expected to benefit the State in the area of revenue for the government, employment opportunities, and sanitation.

The Governor of Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu said his administration would support the waste-to-wealth project as this would benefit the State immensely. He equally stated during the inauguration of the project that there are lots of benefits to gain from this project as it will create employment opportunities for youths in the State and generate revenue for the government. The state will realise a sum of N60m annually from this project. The Governor reiterated that it is now clear that waste is no more waste, it will be turned to wealth in this State.

In her remarks, Mrs. Bashorun expressed delight over the acceptance of the project by the State Government. She said, “As environmental experts, we are saddled with the responsibility of providing services that cover the effective and efficient evacuation of waste, transportation, treatment and disposal of both solid and liquid wastes as well as e-waste and medical waste. “ZLGA is also mandated to collect waste levies, manage resources conservation and also fleets and equipment that are utilised in the execution of the project.

According to her, the first place to start such project is Kaduna State with about 6,500 Kaduna youths on board in two years and the firm is hoping to double that number in Ondo State, at least in the first tranche. She equally stated that the company employs youths, trains and certifies them.

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Mozambique rubbish dump collapse kills more than a dozen people

Rescue workers clear rubbish as they continue to search for survivors

The pile of waste, some 15m (49ft) high, gave way in heavy rains at 03:00 local time (01:00 GMT) on Monday 19th February 2018.

The dump is known to be home to some of the city’s poorest residents, who build makeshift camps amid the rubbish.

Five homes on the edge were also crushed in the disaster. Rescue workers are continuing to search for survivors.

A spokesman for the emergency services, Leonilde Pelembe, warned it was likely there were more victims under the waste.

“The information we received from local authorities is that the number of people living in those houses exceeds the number of deaths recorded,” Mr. Pelembe said.

The Hulene district of Maputo is one of the most deprived parts of the capital. Many, including children, have little choice but to make their homes either on or next to the dump.

The dump not only provides them with food but also goods to sell, BBC Africa correspondent Jose Tembe explains.

The dump was here when I began living in the area in the 1980s. I saw the buildings being erected around it.

The municipal authorities have tried to clear it. Each time the rainy season comes, they remove people and give them plots of land.

But when there is no rain, people move back to the rubbish dump. It is where they can be close to the city and collect things that have been dumped – things like outdated food to either eat or sell.

The government keeps on promising and promising to close the dump for good but they never do it.

They never close it, and so people continue to pile garbage in the same area.

The authorities said they had previously asked residents in the area to leave because their homes were constructed illegally, Reuters news agency reports.

However, one local resident whose son was injured in the landslide, Maria Huo, said: “I live in this neighbourhood because I have nowhere to go. Had the government told me to go to another place to live, I would have left here.”

The city of Maputo has experienced heavy rainfall since Sunday, which has damaged homes and flooded roads.

In the poorer suburbs of cities such as Maputo, people sometimes live on land they do not own in the hope of finding work. The dwellings can be built on land that is unsafe.

With occurrences like this, Africa Government needs to be more proactive with situations involving dumpsites and waste management issues generally because Africa is home to some of the world’s largest and dangerous dumpsites.

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Hinckley Group Commences E-Waste Recycling in Lagos State

The Group recently announced that it has commenced the recycling of e-waste in Lagos State in a bid to combat the problem of informal recycling of e-waste, which had caused untold harm to the environment and health of Nigerians.

The firm mentioned that it had been issued a certificate of destruction recognised by an agency of the Ministry of Environment, National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) and the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA) to carry out recycling of such class of wastes. The Business Development Manager, Belinda Osayamwen – of the recycling arm of the Group, Hinckley Recycling – stated that the firm would conduct its activities in an environmental-friendly manner.

The Group which has been operating since 1998 across Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt operates an authorised HP Service Centre providing break and fix services nationwide.

WasteWatch Africa sees this as a good development in the recycling and waste management industry in Africa and hope that more firms and individuals will develop initiatives and partner with major organisations like HP, DELL, Acer, etc in advancing an environmental-friendly and sustainable e-waste recycling.

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Visionscape – A Patient Treating His Doctor

When Visionscape invited licensed Private Sector Participators (PSPs) for outsourcing of short-haul transportation of municipal waste within Lagos yesterday, Monday, the 12th day of February 2018, they advertised their incompetence, their inability to fulfill their contractual obligations for which they are celebrated as experts and to which our State Assembly unprecedentedly passed a law exclusive to them inserting the name of their company in Lagos State law to be the ONLY ones that MUST collect domestic waste from the State.

By this publication, they appropriated to themselves the role of State agencies of Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) and Ministry of Environment (MoE) amongst other regulating and statutory agencies. They also tacitly showed that the PSPs are good at what they do. PSPs have been helping them move most of the waste they appropriated to themselves through State laws while their promoters look helplessly as their contractor daily engage the services of these same operators they have disparaged all over their sponsored media. This Government can outspend us, stifle us but they cannot outlive us. The beauty of waste management is in its transparency. It has a way of showcasing and regulating itself. We will all see if it’s working or not and if the State is clean, cleaner or cleanest.

The expert has asked 22million residents of Lagos State to wait for 18months. We are waiting! The 48hours advertorial timeframe of the publication shows a false illusion of self-worth. Visionscape assumes that the legislation of operators out of existence through the connivance of the State Legislature will send operators scampering to their office. They are dead wrong. It will only send them job-seekers. They will soon realize that we are investors too and money talks. We need millions to fuel and fix the trucks on a daily basis and those who worked hard to earn it will not fritter it away just because a company enjoys waste monopoly. Visionscape is just a glorified PSP whom our State resources, land, building and money is placed at its beck and call. Somewhere along the line they will run out of money or the State will go broke funding them without private capital. If the government is really interested in Cleaner Lagos or even cleanest Lagos, let them give the PSPs the same contract terms as Visionscape and we will deliver in a week.

By the way, Government is yet to pay PSPs commercial December 2017 service bill. It is this kind of indebtedness that brings distrust and fuels the demand for self-service charge collection. We brought billions in private capital and expertise. A lack of understanding of waste management situation in Lagos State results in the inability of the government to fix the dumpsite, the final resting place of waste. The dumpsites are full. It is a disaster waiting to happen. As the waste continue to react and decay, it may catch fire and burn continuously sometimes for weeks and may consume others around it. It may also collapse taking in all the trucks and the people around it burying them alive.

PSPs have no problem of collection, they have a problem of dumping. The issues that created those fault lines have not been addressed and will continue to wreak havoc on any program Lagos State has whether the cleaner or cleanest Lagos initiatives. Operators will continue to be inefficient if they cannot dump sometimes for as much as 48hours. The government may buy 1million trucks but the waste management situation will not improve.

Waste requires management. Collection and transportation are just one of its component. The government has to work on its waste prevention and diversionary strategies on what is fueling the disposal of so much waste and find other ways to manage it.

By Dara Oshodi
Lagos PSP

Op-Ed: The views expressed in this article are the sole opinion of the writer.

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Nigeria’s Foremost Recycling Enterprise – RecyclePoints Ensured Recyclable Waste Generated Were Properly Carted-Away During The Just-Concluded Lagos City Marathon Organised by Access Bank

At the just-concluded third edition of the Lagos City Marathon held on the 10th February 2018, RecyclePoints was on-gound to manage the generated recyclable waste. The organization which said their participation was made possible by one of their partners, Access Bank placed their dedicated recyclable waste bin at strategic points along the 42kmilometer race route to ensure the waste makes it to a recycling hub.

In a tweet by RecyclePoints, a snapshot of the race finish line showed the enterprise meticulous handling of the recyclable material that made it to the FINISH LINE.

This is a great initiative and we urge other organizations to emulate both Access Bank who is committed to environmental sustainability in its operation and RecyclePoints who strives to ensure recyclable material are not found lying in streets.

Cheers to the winner of the marathon, Abraham Kiprotich!

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