Fire Erupts in Olusosun Dumpsite, Destroys LAGBUS

It was a dark afternoon yesterday for residents, passersby, and commuters as one of the biggest dumpsites in Nigeria, Olusosun, located in Lagos caught fire. The cause of the fire which was still burning till late night yesterday was not immediately known but reports from various sources confirmed the intervention of the Lagos State Fire Service, Lagos State Emergency Management Agency and Parks and Gardens to put out the fire which stopped vehicular movement in and around the area. Reports also have it that some LAGBUS were destroyed because the park for these buses shares a fence with the dumpsite.

The Olusosun dumpsite has been in existence for about 40 years and the Lagos State Government have mentioned time and again to close the dumpsite for an engineered landfill which is being constructed in Epe, a city in Lagos.

WasteWatch Africa notes that the dumpsite is a disaster waiting to happen and while no life has been reported to be lost, we urge the Lagos State Government to expedite the closure of this dumpsite to avert eventualities that may claim lives just as Mozambique witnessed earlier in the year when a dumpsite suddenly collapsed and killed more than a dozen people.

Also, the effect of this inferno on human and the environment should be properly researched, documented, and steps should be taken to remediate same. Residents around the dumpsite should be encouraged to go for proper medical examination so as to curtail health complications which might arise as a result of not only the fire but the exposure to unpleasant odour they have been constantly subjected to due to the location of the dumpsite.

WasteWatch Africa is aware of the efforts of the State Government through the Cleaner Lagos Initiative to rid the State off of incessant waste disposal and provision of proper waste management service and we would like to urge the government to double this effort so as to ensure a safe environment for living and conducting business.

Author: Suhaib Arogundade

Suhaib Arogundade is an enthusiastic young professional who has interest in commodity trading, mindset redesigning, and waste management research.

Suhaib is the Chief Waste Eliminator at WasteWatch Africa.

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