Brief Outlook on Urban Waste Management in Sub-Saharan Africa

According to a report published in the Urban Development Series Knowledge Paper, waste management data are lacking in Sub-Saharan Africa and even at that, the same report mentioned that in this region, urban waste generation alone is expected to be 441,840 tons/day by 2025.

Out of this waste that will be generated, if we go by the Global Waste Outlook report of 2015 that states that lower-middle income countries generate 53% organic waste, 11% paper waste, and 9% plastic waste; then we will have 234,175.2 tons/day of organic waste, 48,602.4 tons/day paper waste, and 39,765.6 tons/day plastic waste. It should be noted that the waste generation might surpass this since data is lacking during the estimate but cannot be less.

Clearly, you can see where innovative solutions and applications are urgently needed and required as well as a genuine reason to embark on data and information research and reporting for the waste industry in Africa.

We maintain at WasteWatch Africa (WWA) that waste management data and information is critical and vital to the development of the waste industry in Africa. Hence, our relentless effort in ensuring that against all odds, we provide these very important value to the great people of Africa so as to heighten awareness and spur business formations in the waste industry.

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– Suhaib Arogundade
For: WasteWatch Africa

Author: Suhaib Arogundade

Suhaib Arogundade is an enthusiastic young professional who has interest in commodity trading, mindset redesigning, and waste management research.

Suhaib is the Chief Waste Eliminator at WasteWatch Africa.

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