About Us

Waste Watch Africa is a community-oriented organisation focused on researching, implementing, and disseminating sustainable waste management solutions in Africa.

Our MISSION is simple; we are out to eliminate waste from the streets of Africa by 2025

And our GOAL is to quicken the establishment of efficient and effective waste management solutions across Africa.

At the moment, there is no dedicated waste management information dissemination platform in Africa. And the world we live in today breathe on data and information, hence, we want to bridge the gap and open up the waste management sector and its opportunities to those interested and especially to attract investors. We equally hope that by so doing, we can shape policies governing the institutionalising and implementing of waste management solutions in Africa.



Apart from working to bridge the information gap in waste management that currently exist in Africa, we equally offer below services to Government, Private Organisations, NGOs, and Individuals;

  • Waste Reporting
  • Waste Management Operations Audit and Redesign
  • Waste Bins Maintenance and Management
  • Waste Management Field Operations Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting
  • Waste Management Consultancy and Training
  • Waste Reduction Consultancy
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Waste Management Research
  • Waste Recycling Business Set-up
  • Waste Management Job Recruitment
  • Organising Waste Management Conference and Expo (Online Streaming and Physical)
  • Development of corporate CSR/marketing strategy to incorporate waste and sustainability initiative to enhance brand awareness and acceptance